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Akazukin Chacha character
セラヴィー (Seravi?)
Occupation Magician
Gender Male
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Gray
Family Dorothy (Wife) Yuurin, Riran (Children)
Status Alive
Voice Actor Toru Senrui
First Appearance Episode 1: The Troublesome Witch Makes Her Appearance (anime)

Blood Type A

Seravy (セラヴィー Seravi?) is the greatest/strongest wizard in the world and the magic teacher/guardian of Chacha who was formerly captain of the royal guards and escaped with Chacha when Daimaō attacked the castle. His first and only love was Dorothy (Seravy's childhood friend) before she changed her curly blonde hair to straight black (red hair in the anime) hair that Seravy detests.


Seravy is a former royal guard with an incredible aptitude for magic, which let him learn it faster than Dorothy who had been training longer.

Seravy loves girls with blonde hair, like Chacha. He carries a doll called Elizabeth around which is later revealed to be the childhood appearance of Dorothy, who dyed her hair red to escape his affections. When Chacha, Riiya and Shiine travels in the past to reveal their childhood, Seravy became rivals with Pikkabon. But also shown to be afraid of Dorothy after revealing her original blond hair transforms into a long straight red hair. This also happens when they grew up as an adult when Dorothy regains her blond hair to make Seravy showing his affections to her until she sneezes to make her blond hair pops back into a red hair making Seravy scared to see her as Dorothy angrily chases him.

One of Chacha's classmates named Yakko is in love with Seravy because he rescued her a long time ago.

In his pre-teen years, Seravy along with his teacher Grand King Genius to rescue Chacha while she was an infant from Daimaō at their castle Genius tells Seravy to escape with Chacha by sacrificing his life to block Daimaō long enough before he was casts a spell on him. Seravy also tells the whole story to Chacha when she became his student.

In some episodes, Seravy is also the master of disguise along with Dorothy and Elizabeth whenever his student Chacha and her friends are in danger just by assisting them. He also the one to put Chacha and the others back to their normal selves after they revert back to their normal size in different personalities when Ran-Ran and Kan-Kan turn them into babies and heals Riiya from his amnesia just by hitting on his head with a mallet.


  • Seravy has succeeded in almost anything he has done.
  • That one exception was when Chacha beat Seravy in a magician duel where he lost is thanks to the many pictures of young Dorothy.
  • Seravy's house gets busted throughout the anime


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