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Dorothy/GalleryElizabethEpisode 10: Que-chan Strikes Back!
Episode 11: Decide The Sushi ChampionEpisode 12: Orin-chan's First Love!Episode 13: Work Hard, House-sitter!
Episode 14: The Great Evil Lord Is AngryEpisode 15: Baby Franken-chanEpisode 16: She Appears! The Sister Of The Sea Monster!
Episode 17: The Return of Nyandaber!Episode 18: Zombie Warning At Urara School!Episode 19: Dreadful! Dorothy-chan's Sister?
Episode 1: The Troublesome Witch Makes Her AppearanceEpisode 1: The Troublesome Witch Makes Her Appearance/GalleryEpisode 20: The Challenge Of The Mysterious Thief, Nezumi Kid!
Episode 21: A Dangerous Open-air BathEpisode 22: Surprise! First Experience As A SacrificeEpisode 23: Fight! Graduation Exam
Episode 23: Fight! Graduation Exam/GalleryEpisode 24: I'm the Legendary Princess?Episode 25: Why, why?! The Arrow Is Defeated
Episode 26: Move It! You're In The Way Of Our Love!Episode 27: Chacha's Power At The Fiery Place!Episode 28: Explorers Of The Phoenix Pond
Episode 29: Welcome To The Home Of The Phoenix!Episode 2: The Rival Is The Black Riding Hood!Episode 2: The Rival Is The Black Riding Hood!/Gallery
Episode 30: At Last, The Wing KrisEpisode 31: Lots of Training!Episode 31: Lots of Training!/Gallery
Episode 32: Dangerous Love Triangle!Episode 32: Dangerous Love Triangle!/GalleryEpisode 33: Shiine-chan's Fateful Confrontation!
Episode 33: Shiine-chan's Fateful Confrontation!/GalleryEpisode 34: Reunion, Tearful Nursery Song!Episode 35: Yet Again! Nyandaber
Episode 36: The Mirror of Truth Lies!Episode 37: Flower-sprouting Teacher, Barabaraman!Episode 38: Everyone's An Animal!
Episode 39: Kappa Roll At The Dragon PalaceEpisode 3: The Selfish Mermaid Marine!Episode 40: Breakfast in the Kitty House
Episode 41: The Sleepy Demon Erupts!Episode 42: In Search Of The Legendary Shield!Episode 42: In Search Of The Legendary Shield!/Gallery
Episode 43: The Bird Shield Is Completed!Episode 44: Urara School Grand Class Reunion!Episode 45: Who's the Real One!?
Episode 46: Onward! Magical Ninja SquadEpisode 47: Cross The Bridge Of Friendship!Episode 48: Tanuki Battle! The Bunbuku Teapot!
Episode 49: Go Forth!, Legendary Warriors!Episode 4: The Ultimate Three Little Piglet AttackEpisode 50: Final Battle of Love, Courage, and Hope!
Episode 50: Final Battle of Love, Courage, and Hope!/GalleryEpisode 51: The Princess's HolidayEpisode 52: Escape! Escape! To No Avail!
Episode 53: I'm The Strongest In The World?!Episode 54: Ceaseless Challengers!Episode 55: Don't Forget the King's Crest!
Episode 56: Goodbye, Holy UpEpisode 57: Skate To Be The World's Best!Episode 58: Elizabeth SOS!
Episode 59: A Tiny Little Love StoryEpisode 5: A Date with Que-chanEpisode 60: I Like... I Like... Yakko-chan!
Episode 61: Young Seravy's Adventures!Episode 61: Young Seravy's Adventures!/GalleryEpisode 62: Scoop! Pink's Secret!
Episode 63: A Thorny 3-Legged RaceEpisode 64: Surprise! Riiya's Mama?Episode 65: Nostalgic Nyandaber!
Episode 66: Strict Teacher Mayachon!Episode 66: Strict Teacher Mayachon!/GalleryEpisode 67: Terror! Friday The 12th
Episode 67: Terror! Friday The 12th/GalleryEpisode 68: Umibōko! Big Battle Over First Love!Episode 69: Operation Dance Party!
Episode 6: Babies Can't Use MagicEpisode 70: The Tale Of Yakko-chan's First Love!Episode 71: Again! Tono's Return!
Episode 72: Shiine-chan's Big Mistake!Episode 73: The Secret Of Dorothy's CastleEpisode 74: Wedding Announcement Rumble!
Episode 7: Snow Explosion! The Teacher is a Snow WomanEpisode 8: My Cake Is the BestEpisode 9: Go! Nyandaber Z
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