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A Thorny 3-Legged Race
Titlecard 63

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April 14, 1995

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Episode 62: Scoop! Pink's Secret!

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Episode 64: Surprise! Riiya's Mama?

A Thorny 3-Legged Race is the sixty third episode of the Akazukin Chacha anime.



First half:

Chacha, Riiya, & Shiine are walking towards the school only to then see that Marine is hiding from Barabaraman due to his thorns he spawns when he's happy. Barabaraman is sad that everyone runs away from him for his thorns that he grows. Principal Urara later announces that a 3-legged race is happening that would deepen the student-teacher bond. With the idea of pairing up, a lottery is done, & the 2 people with the same image on their card would partner up for the race. Chacha ends up being paired with Ossu while Marine is paired with Barabaraman.

Seeing this, the teacher then goes into a frown all because of the fact that his thorny skin keeps people away from him. He then goes to his house where just about everything is covered in thorns. Chacha, Riiya, & Shiine are seeing him in tears, feeling bad for him. Marine then points out that he never asked for his thorny skin. Marine then persuades Chacha to care for him, in which she says to do. This leads to her throwing Chacha towards Barabaraman, telling him that she has volunteered to partner up with him. Riiya, & Shiine try to save her from getting hurt from the thorns, but she ultimately saves herself. He later tells them to not think less of Marine, & that she is a kind-hearted girl all the while serving tea. He later tells them that the thorny skin gives him sad memories especially since his entire house is covered in thorns. He even says that he is "the loneliest man in this world!".

Eventually though, he then tells Chacha that if it weren't for her, his dream of doing the 3-legged race would be impossible. Chacha then has an idea, & that idea was to make medicine by Seravy that would make it so you don't spread thorns when you're happy, but only for a short while. When it works, he gets so joyful that a rose like other times springs up on his head, being the 1st strike. Chacha then tells Barabaraman to do their best in the race.

Second half:




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