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Dorothy as she appears in Episode 2.


Magician, Mentor to Shiine, Wife

Hair color

Blonde (Later Red) Black (Manga only)

Eye color



Doris (Brother)
Seravy (Husband)
Yuurin & Riran (Children)



Voice Actor

Junko Otsubo, Miina Tominaga

First Appearance

Episode 1: The Troublesome Witch Makes Her Appearance (anime)

Blood Type


Dorothy (どろしー) is a female magician ("witch") with red hair who covets Seravy's (Dorothy's childhood friend) title of strongest magician in the world.

She owns her own tower and graduated from Urara School. Seravy designed his doll Elizabeth after her childhood appearance.

Dorothy, irritated with Seravy and his doll in episode 6.



Dorothy was born into a rich family along with Doris (Dorothy's brother/sister). When she was a child, she made a promise to marry Seravy one day, much to Doris' protests. As the years went by, Dorothy began to feel envious towards Seravy as he did everything better than her without much effort.

Then came the day when she decided to follow her dream and become the Worlds Greatest Magician, so she decided to run away seeking Tono, who held the title at the time, and become his disciple. With the help of Doris, she brought all the riches she could carry and ran away in the middle of the night. Seravy, who was nearby her house at the time because he was worried something might happen to her. Shiine, Riiya and Chacha went back to the past with the help of the time slippers come across young Seravy and inform him that Dorothy has run away.

Seravy, who knows the rumors circling around Tono, becomes suspicious and decides to rescue Dorothy.They soon began to chase Dorothy, but Seravy could not do much at the time since he did not know how to use magic yet and had to call on the aid of Chacha and the others.

Dorothy who had arrived at Tono's mountain after getting lost was brought to the top by Tono, she then began to present all the gold and jewel's she brought with her and offered them to him. Tono used this to his advantage, he then lied to her about becoming his disciple and brought her inside his castle, later he began to experiment on her. She then finds out he is balding and this experiment is actually hair regrowth.


  • Dorothy originally had blond hair as a child, but she dyed it red as she got older.
  • Dorothy adopted Shiine (Dorothy's student) from Access (Shiine's father).


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